Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Twisted Mediterranean Roast

I had never cooked (roasted? Seemed redundant.) a roast before but there was one tucked away in the freezer and I was drawn to it. I think it is important to not just experience but prepare a new food, the range of foods that I absolutely love grows constantly. I think I was successful on my first attempt. Little Boy gobbled it up and was eyeing my plate in a most sneaky kind of way. I used a fair amount of liquid and it paid off, the roast was succulent, tender and well-flavoured. Plus, when i was taking it out of the pot to serve, a piece of it fell of and the whole thing fell back in - that's how tender it is.

I was fully prepared to transform the roast into a rather traditional meal for my little family but mr. and Girly had to travel unexpectedly to Toronto so L.B. and I were left to our own devices with this meal. I understood the basics of roast: I like tender, moist roasts. That means I need to cook with liquid. There is such a thing as dry roasting but I am not overly fond of it. Around here, there is no such as cooking with straight water. To keep the pot roast tender I mixed dry white wine with turkey stock to provide a great mellow liquid that would enhance the flavour of the meat but not overpower the delicate balances of spices. A splash of apple cider adds an extra level of acidity that carried the dirty rice I made out of the liquid and was easily quelled by a drizzle of honey minted yogurt.

The smell emanating through our home was simply intoxicating. The spices and gently simmering white wine created this heady mix that kept us warm as an April blizzard was gearing up to dump. In the words of a friend of mine, "There is a reason there are no happy songs about April blizzards". Exactly. April blizzards plunge everyone into a distinctly foul and disoriented mood. People were wandering around in stores, stupefied and unsure of whether or not they should buy bottles of water and terrified to walk out in their capris. That's Nova Scotia. Spring always brings out bizarre fashion, you can see in the span of 2 minutes one person wearing a parka and another in a t shirt and both are entirely comfortable.

The Roast

hungarian paprika
dry white wine
turkey stock

1. Preheat oven to 275•.

2. Heat olive oil in the pot you will be using (my pots are oven safe so I'm able to do this, if this doesn't apply to you, use another pan). It should be piping hot.

2. Season roast with salt and pepper, sprinkle with rice flour.

3. Brown the roast. Once browned, remove and roll in the spice mix of oregano, basil, mint, hungarian paprika and S&P.

4. Line the pot with the sliced onions and apple. Nestle the roast into it's bed of future yumminess.

5. Add the liquids, they should rise about halfway up the roast.

6. Roast at 275• for 3.5-4 hours. The internal temperature should reach 160•.

7. Serve with minted honey yogurt.

I cooked mine completely because I am always leery of food borne bacteria and since I am just learning to cook meat I often err on the side of caution.

Minted Honey Yogurt

4 tbsp. yogurt
tsp. liquid honey

Mix together in a bowl, drizzle on meat just prior to serving.


  1. Wow sure looks like it would melt in your mouth. do enjoy

  2. It really did! I only needed a butter knife to cut it, and that included the next day's leftovers.