Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Earth Day Adventure: New Ross Farm

In honour of Earth day we packed a lunch filled with local goodies (egg salad sandwiches with oregano aioli and carrot sticks) and headed out to New Ross Farm, complete with a nature walk. As it turns out, The Boy only really likes sheep. A cow stuck her head in the barn window from the pasture and the little guy nearly scaled mr. trying to get away.

After chatting with the pigs and nuzzling the sheep a little we wandered down the path and onto a path through a wooded area. A number of buds are just starting to peek open in search of a bit of sunlight. The vibrant green is a brilliant splash of colour against the backdrop of winter's darkness. I saw signs directing people to leave the wildflowers for the farm's next guests but the wildflowers have not started to appear yet, soon enough I'm sure.

I don't know if you can see from this distance but those soon to be sprouting rows are being tilled by oxen! Seriously. Huge beasts. After The Boy screamed at a cow I'm sure they last thing he wants to get friendly with is an ox.


  1. Your pictures are lovely and I especially like the 3rd one with the dandolions in the dirt pile.

    I just noticed I'm in your sidebar! Thank you, I'm so flattered :)

  2. Sarah: Thank you so much! It was just a dirt pile in the middle of the path with just a hint of beauty. It was begging to be photographed!

    Your blog is lovely. :) I'm happy that you stopped by!

  3. A fun day. a good thing to do. Remember the cows and chickens at the Harrow Fair

  4. Ethel: I do remember them. Actually, when we were looking at the chickens I was (sort of) able to figure out what they were because of all those years at the Harrow Fair.

  5. Glad you had a great day at the farm and your pictures are beautiful!