Monday, April 5, 2010

The Perfect Pint-Sized Gluten Free Cake

Today's post is by a guest writer - Mister!

Alright. For the record.

your ingredients

two fresh eggs
cream of tartar
sugar. two-thirds of a cup
soy milk (not intending to name-drop here, but silk really is best for baking ...)
one lemon
real vanilla extract
poppyseeds. if you like
goat butter. a third of a cup
white rice flour. a third of a cup
salt. just a pinch
baking powder. just a wee bit
baking soda. barely any, really
sprinkles and what have you

Two eggs, room temperature. Big ones.
Separate the yolk and whites, yolks in a small bowl, whites in a big one.

Whip those whites with a whisk. Old-fashioned-style. When they get frothy, add a pinch of cream of tartar ... it'll help you with the whipping. Beat those eggs like you mean it, adding sugar slowly, about half a cup in total... maybe two thirds. You want your whites stiff.

To the yolks, you add your flavourings. You need to have about a quarter-cup of liquid added here, and you can certainly use your imagination. Lemon zest is divine, and accompanies fresh-squeezed lemon juice and poppyseeds well in a traditional poppyseed cake. If you'd like plain white cake, just stick with vanilla and milk.

I felt like a comfort cake this afternoon, so I added vanilla, cinnamon, freshly-brewed espresso and a good hit of molasses to my yolks, imagining some sort of a spice/coffee cake.

In another bowl, combine about a third of a cup white rice flour with a dash of salt, baking powder and baking soda. Just a dash, folks. The eggs do most of the work in this recipe.

Right. Normally, I would never melt butter for baking ... real butter, when used at room temperature, gives baked goods a fluffy richness that you want, but not today. Melt your respective fat, about a third of a cup, just until molten. (Goat butter works well here, but make sure it's extremely fresh. We don't want goat cakes) Let it cool, then add to egg yolk mix.

After stirring, add egg yolk mix to fluffy egg whites. Use a spatula, and fold it in. Add the dry ingredients, and fold gently until combined.

Right. Pour it into a greased cereal bowl, throw it in an oven heated 350, for about 40 minutes, or until the center isn't very jiggly. Don't be afraid of a teeny-bit of jiggle in the center. General rule, really.

Let it sit for a good half-hour, then pop it upside-down onto a plate. Voila!

Makes a great picnic cake!

Obviously, this is a small cake. If you'd like a bigger one, triple the recipe!

- Mister

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