Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Beautiful Market Day

My hubby and little girl are off in Toronto so the Little Boy and I headed off to the Saturday market to meet up with a couple of friends of mine. There was a marvellous crowd flowing through, listening to music, picking up herbs, nibbling on pakora and of course, picking up their weekly provisions.

I am (in true foodie fashion) ecstatic about the greens I bought this week.

In my excitement over the array of fresh greens I asked what the above plant was. Do you know? I do now .... Take a guess!
These beautiful beet greens with their lace work of succulent purple veins are headed for a lazy brunch tomorrow. One of my favourite dishes to make is creamed spinach*, I love the mix of cheese, eggs and lightly wilted greens. No worries, I plan on making this for breakfast tomorrow so the recipe will be up soon!
How lovely is this baby bok choi? I want to photograph, eat and pet the delicate leaves. The stems are curved together into a perfect harmony of fresh crispness.

*I often use more than just spinach in my creamed spinach recipes. In fact, spinach is a great base to start exploring with your greens. Beet greens pair beautifully with sweet spinach because they are slightly bitter and the spinach will tone down their bitter war cry.


  1. lovely fresh vegetables

  2. The greens are lovely. I used the oregano (the mystery green) for a lovely aioli tonight for salmon.

  3. Oh I want to live near YOU and that fabulous market!!

  4. Cyndi: The Halifax Farmer's Market is the oldest in North America and it is located in an old brewery market. I absolutely adore it! You should come visit!