Monday, March 15, 2010

The peas are growing!

Check out these babies! Soon, I will be transplanting and they can stay out over night. All by their lonesome. Brave little peas.

Gratuitous orchid porn:

I love the look of orchids and with the right amount of neglect and super diligent care and these idiosyncratic plants will flourish. I have yet to figure out the ratios, so I figured I better get photographic evidence of a living specimen that is still in my care.


  1. I single-handedly killed every orchid plant that we ever planted. I absolutely adore orchids but they seem to have something against me! Reading your blog entries on spring planting gives me the motivation to get myself out there and start gardening!

  2. Jen: Oh, me too. I love orchids but those bloody things are hard to grow. I am beginning to think there are only three people in the entire world who can actually grow an orchid. I say do it! Go garden!

    p.s. Sorry it took so long to write back, I'm terrible with comments.