Monday, March 15, 2010

Kitchen Beauty, courtesy of an Etsy artist

I simply want to own every last piece of artwork in Yevgenia's Etsy shop. Check out the 2 in 1 hand-painted green carafe designed with grass roots:

Isn't this just stunning? The smokiness of the purple gray glass is evocative of summer thunderstorms, the kind that roll in majestically and drop the water so fiercely it can barely penetrate the ground. Just as these storms roll in, they disappear, sucked back into the atmosphere. I don't suppose you would be drinking your wine that quickly, but wouldn't it be lovely to lounge outside in the fresh air of spring with this set?

What caught my eye originally was this sake set. Gorgeous:

I used to work at a sushi restaurant that served a lovely plum wine and if I had this set I would drink a bit of that wine every day, just for a bit of light. Beautiful. Everyone needs to visit the artist's shop at Etsy. Rightthissecond!

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