Monday, March 29, 2010

The Market

A chili oil from Tangled Garden. The whole table is simply a work of art.

This whole week has been a little out of control. My lovely sister-in-law and niece came for a short visit and the past few days have been jam-packed with lovely family type things. Just before that a mini-cold rippled through the house in the most passive-aggressive way, that's how colds roll. That means I have been busy making comfort food but also lazing in a miserable little heap.

As a treat, Mr., The Boy and I made a trek up to the Halifax Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. We used to sell Eastern European baked goods at this very market. Mr. and I would bake like maniacs for two days and nights and then bundle The Boy and the many, many containers of deliciousness and head in at 5 am every Saturday.

Dobos Torta, in the midst of being individually packed. Mmmmm, buttercream icing.

The Boy still has loads of friends there that remember when he was just super tiny. Now, he goes and stomps around in his rain boots and eats half the muffins before we even leave. I don't blame him, Anna from Acadiana Soy has superb muffins. The muffins go perfectly with a cup of coffee that is actually brewed by the cup:

The market is always really fun with a very eclectic and energetic vibe. Around every corner a musician is tucked away, playing either ukulele or a fiddle. We used to set up our table with Maureen from Little Dorset Farms and her son Tristan would play at the market. If you are in Halifax, you should check him out, Tristan is all kinds of fun!

Beautiful basket of shallots at the Hutten farm table.

The farmers are just starting to trickle back into the market. Soon, the building will be full of plants and tables heaped with spinach, fiddleheads, carrots and if you get there early enough, an incredible selection of salad greens from the Hutten farm.

For right now, it means a lot of jam and bakeries. I'm okay with that.
Mannette's Homemade Jams. A mesmerizing selection.

A jar of Bing cherry jam came home with us from this stand. The selection is incredible, Mannette's has everything from pineapple strawberry to a whole row dedicated to various marmalades. A number of the jams/jellies are also made from local produce. Bonus!

I am happy to say that there 2-3 gluten-free bakeries at the market now! When Mr. and I were selling we would sometimes make a fabulous wheat free apricot cake but there really wasn't much. But, now? Check out breakfast:

This is a cherry danish from Crumbs gluten-free bakery and it was delicious. It had just the right amount of sweetness and the cherry filling was perfectly tart. I wouldn't mind another one right now. Plus, the ladies from Crumbs are incredibly sweet and very helpful.

It was wonderful to be back at the market and now that Girly's dance class is on a bit of a break we should be able to get there a little more often.

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